Lucid Body London

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Lucid Body is a system of exploration of the Self

The Lucid Body technique aims to break up patterns, habits and blocks within the physical and emotional body, thereby allowing for new impulses to be expressed and new behaviours to be explored.  With the belief that each of us holds the potential for the entire range of human experience within us, the work invites us to create characters from all walks of life - however sleezy, murderous, saintly, or shy - based on our own truth.

Rooted in the exploration of the seven chakra energy centers, participants discover their Habitual Body, Shadow Selves, and learn how to adjust their psycho-physical energy to meet the needs of any given circumstances.  Lucid Body draws inspiration from archetype work, ritual, contact improv, Meisner, yoga, Buddhism, Carl Jung and much, much more.


Where is Lucid Body from?

Lucid Body was created by the extraordinary Fay Simpson - dancer, actor, director, teacher and massage therapist  - in New York City.

With years of experience on stage and in the classroom, Fay realized the need for a process to aid actors in releasinphysical and emotional habits that were inhibiting their acting potential.

Weaving together aspects from a wide array of sources, what is now known as Lucid Body slowly came into creation.  Fay continues to grow a community of artists, teachers and health professionals all using Lucid Body.

Learn more by reading The Lucid Body, A Guide for the Physical Actor

What is a Lucid Body warm-up?

The warm-up typically lasts between 45 and 60 minutes at the start of class.  It's a physical and emotional warm up that draws deeply from yoga.  Designed to meet you at your individual level, you don't have to be a yogi to participate!

Do I have to
"make like tiger, make like tree?"

Only if you want to!

Lucid Body exercises vary from class to class, but as yet there is no 'tree exercise'.

What you can expect...

Lucid Body involves a lot of movement - never dance, never abstract, always rooted in real human behaviour and emotion.  Sometimes we lead creative visualizations, there's always plenty of improvisation, and occasionally a movement-based ritual.  We create characters from our bodies and our emotions.  And, we breathe... a lot... audibly.

Our goal is to connect the body and the emotions into one living, breathing entity.


Is Lucid Body only for actors?

Do you ever work with text?

Where is Lucid Body taught?

No.  The foundation work, particularly, is practiced by anyone wanting to explore parts of themselves that would otherwise be cloistered away in the backroom of their psyche.  It helps with both physical and emotional alignment, as well as creative flow. 

It was developed for actors because we, as actors, must have the entire range of human experience available to us in order to hold a truthful mirror up for humanity.

Yes.  Advanced Lucid Body work handles text: monologues and scenes; it is also used in preparation for plays by entire companies.

If you are interested in coaching for auditions; monologue or scene preparation; or, would like a collaborator on a production, contact Lucid Body London to discuss your ideas.

Lucid Body has recently arrived in London and is now taught at

Drama Studio London (1 & 2 Year Diplomas), 

Italia Conti (B.A. Acting), and

Arts Educational Schools (M.A. Acting.)

Private workshops are ongoing throughout the year on Monday evenings at Jackson's Lane (check for course start and end dates each term).  Throughout the year, weekend or day workshops are also offered.

Coaching sessions may be arranged privately by contacting 

Lucid Body is also taught in private workshops in Paris, Berlin and Moscow.

In the USA, Lucid Body is currently taught at:

New York University, M.A. Acting Program

Stella Adler Studio of Acting NY

Stella Adler Studio, LA

The Lucid Body House NYC for private workshops and classes

and, periodically, throughout the year at special workshops with:

The Actors Center NY

Studio A Dance, LA