Lucid Body London

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with Fay Simpson and Per Brahe

3 - 24 August 2019

This 21 day intensive will:

  • Elevate the actor’s creative spirit
  • Lead the actor into the highest and most sacred tool: the imagination
  • Surround the actor in Balinese Mythology and its colorful expression.
  • Explore these ancients Myths with movements and masks which will bring opening and understanding of the deepest self.
  • Teach the actor exercises extracted from the ancient Balinese dances,
  • Explore the Chakra energy centers thru the Lucid Body Process of Physical Acting
  • Offer space for the actor to perform 7 times, where the subconscious will be touched and come alive 

For the first time, we are incorporating The Lucid Body work into this program, to sensitize the somatic body to the environment, and face the layers of self, hidden underneath the habitual mask of the personality. Uncovering our psycho-physical complexities without judgment will unleash the voices of the shadows from the crevices in your body. Vital expansion will occur! This work will be your morning preparation for the Balinese Dance.

In Balinese Dance, Music, Paintings and in the Farming of the rice fields, the Balinese honors what the is called TAKSU. In other parts of the world you will find names like DUENDE, RASA or CHARISMA.

The powerful masks we use in this workshop among many are the Dharma Sadya masks (To hold and maintain the goal of life) are the portal into TAKSU.

In the work you will get in touch with TAKSU and explore how to use it in your art and life. TAKSU is a wide quality that lives within all of us but this human quality needs to be awaken and acknowledged The detailed 3 weeks schedule all point in the direction of TAKSU. After 2 weeks we enter into special classes for the voice/chanting named KECAK and other classes with live music that is solo understood as highly spiritual instruments that help to awake TAKSU. The instruments are combined with special TAKSU masks that will finish it all off with a special class where participating actors will receive her or his complete personal mask to a lifelong inspiration.

Balinese Mask (traditional) and Masks special dedicated To The Actor, all made in Bali, are the cornerstones in the program. We have created and collected 500 masks over the last 30 years. Only from Bali.

We have developed and collected exercises that build the bridge from the Balinese dances, masks and TAKSU into the western theater so the actor can use it right away in their art.

Some of the material is collected by Russian Teacher and Actor Michael Chekhov

The Balinese General Manager I Wayan Erik Wahyudi
Bali Purnati Center for the Arts. The Theater Work Center, Bali.

Per Brahe, the Artistic Director for the annual “Bali Conservatory” is an internationally known expert in Balinese Mask Work, and a master teacher of Michael Chekhov technique. He teaches at the Terry Knickerbocker Studios when in NYC.

Fay Simpson is the Founder of Lucid Body Institute, and artistic director of Impact Theatre NYC. She is also an Associate Arts Professor at NYU Graduate Acting Program, at the Tisch School of the Arts.

COURSE FEE:  $3450 (not including airfare)

Fee includes tuition and accommodation in a double room 

$500 non-refundable Deposit when you sign up to secure your space
Final payments by July 1st 2019

Location: Bali Purnati Center for the Arts. The Theater Work Center, Bali.


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